Meet Edward Oueilhe, the visionary CEO of Scout Realty. Renowned for his unmatched zeal, Edward goes beyond just business – he cultivates a ‘Scout Family,’ emphasizing enduring relationships and unwavering commitment. From ATP-ranked tennis player to the charismatic force behind real estate magic, Edward’s approach is a blend of enthusiasm and expertise. Whether fostering an innovative team culture, with a pingpong table as its heart, or guiding clients to their dream homes, Edward stands as a beacon of dedication, mentorship, and passion in the real estate landscape. Dive into a house-hunting journey with Edward, and witness the transformation of realty dreams into reality.


In the dynamic world of real estate, Edward Oueilhe stands not just as a leader, but as an esteemed mentor. His passion goes beyond mere transactions; he’s deeply invested in nurturing the next generation of real estate professionals. With an approach rooted in hands-on guidance and real-world wisdom, Edward has been pivotal in shaping the careers of many. As a mentor, he emphasizes the value of relationships, encouraging his mentees to see beyond properties and into the stories of the people they serve. Those fortunate enough to learn under his wing gain not just industry insights, but a holistic perspective of success, ethics,
and innovation. Dive into a mentorship journey with Edward and be prepared to transform your real estate aspirations into groundbreaking achievements.


Edward Oueilhe’s dedication to community service serves as a beacon of inspiration for all of us. His tireless efforts to create a cleaner, more sustainable environment through his work with Zero Debris, coupled with his involvement in organizations like Green Gala, ArtAround Studio, and the Foundation for Economic Education, reflect a profound commitment to the well-being of his local community.

Edward’s actions remind us that we all have a role to play in building and nurturing a thriving local community. Whether it’s cleaning up beaches, promoting sustainability, fostering creativity, or advocating for economic education, Edward shows us that our efforts, no matter how big or small, can make a significant impact.