Edward Oueilhe is a prominent figure in the real estate world. He’s a CEO and the visionary founder of Scout Realty. With a passion for mentoring aspiring realtors, he guides them toward success in the industry. He also manages a cutting-edge digital marketing platform designed to elevate your real estate journey, making him a dynamic force at the intersection of real estate and technology.

Real Estate Expert

With his exceptional achievements in the field of real estate, he stands out as an eminent expert with an impressive history of profitable deals and adept investment strategies over many successful transactions.

Sold/Funded Over

250 Million

97.0% Closure Rate


Guiding Realtors to Mastery: Elevate Your Real Estate Journey with Edward

Discover the path to success in real estate with Edward, your mentor and guide to mastering the art of realty. From aspiring realtors to industry leaders, delve into insightful content tailored to inspire, educate, and elevate your real estate journey.

The Team

Realty Insights Digest

Realty Insights Digest

Your Monthly Guide to Success, Knowledge, and Mentorship in the Real Estate World.




Edward Oueilhe’s legacy is a testament to the incredible potential

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